BBN appoints Yves Romestan as Director of Global Affairs

BBN appoints Yves Romestan as Director of Global Affairs

BBN, the world’s B2B agency, has appointed Yves Romestan Director of Global Affairs. Alongside BBN Chairman Clif Collier, the Board and the central team of BBN, Romestan will be responsible for developing innovative, long-lasting partnerships with international and global corporations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Romestan will also remain Executive Vice President of ComCorp, Professor of Economics at the European Institute of Business (IEA) and Director of two promising start-ups.

Romestan is recognised for his international career, having worked for numerous multinational companies including Total, Lafarge, Bouygues, and Walgreens Boots Alliance – both in the UK and the US.

 Clif Collier, Chairman of BBN: “We are delighted to welcome Yves to our international management team. Thanks to his extensive experience, international perspective, leadership and energy, he will be an invaluable asset to BBN’s future growth. This great addition to our team further drives our ambition in becoming a truly global player in our industry. BBN is now well structured and positioned and the future is full of incredible opportunities.”

Yves Romestan: “I am pleased to be joining such an auspicious organisation. BBN is growing at an exciting pace with agency-partners having established strong positions in their respective geographies. Moving forward, the aim will be for BBN to shape an attractive alternative to oversized, integrated networks. The market is currently going through massive change, and I’m convinced global corporations will soon consider, and consequently, opt for the hybrid model uniquely offered by BBN.”

BBN is an international agency-owned organisation, which collectively employs more than 1130 B2B specialists throughout 27 countries and 40 office locations. In 2017, BBN’s aggregated revenue was $135 million (+17%). BBN’s philosophy is reflected in that all agency-partners are also equity shareholders, which is appreciated by a portfolio of more than 300 clients in 23 different sectors. 

About Yves Romestan

Romestan has held leadership roles in Marketing and Communications in large international companies, including Total, CEA (the French Atomic Energy Commission), the Banques Populaires Group, Lafarge, Brandt and Bouygues. Having moved to London in 2003, he was successively Director of Corporate Communications at Alliance UniChem, Director of Central Marketing and Communications at Alliance Healthcare (2006-2007), Director of Group Communications at Alliance Boots (2008-2014). Later, he has held the role of Senior Vice President, Communications and International Affairs at Walgreens Boots Alliance Group, which is the world leader in the distribution of healthcare products and services (2014-2017). In December 2017, he became Executive Vice President of the independent European agency ComCorp. Yves is also Professor of Economics at the European Institute of Business (IEA) and a strategic advisor to several start-ups. Graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Sciences and holding a degree in Public Law, he has dual French-British nationality.

About BBN

BBN is a collaborative agency-owned organisation, with every agency-partner an equity shareholder and sharing the same genuine passion for B2B communications. Working together, BBN’s combined advantage means it significantly influences what can be achieved when a business talks to another business. BBN is proud to stand for full-service capability; spanning strategy, creativity, technology and implementation. Today, BBN has partners in more than 27 countries around the world, who successfully implement international client projects across multiple territories. Our ambitious future plans include global expansion, increasing our reach, with the integration of more agencies, to help more clients. To learn more, go to or follow us on FacebookTwitteror LinkedIn.

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