eneloop ambassadors cross borders

eneloop ambassadors cross borders

eneloop conquers Europe with its ambassadors’ tour: 24 international brand ambassadors are travelling in two-person teams to promote the sustainable message of the battery brand. Three teams have already completed their leg, the nine other teams are busy with preparations for their part of the adventure. Each team is also in with a chance of winning the main prize and a ticket for the finale event on 29 September.

The eneloop ambassadors’ tour is a sustainable relay race in which twelve duos travel across Europe for the environment over a total of twelve weeks. Each duo will have one week to complete three ‘green’ tasks and to pass on an eneloop battery to the next team. The duos will compete with each other for an exclusive follow-up adventure and together will try to get as many page likes on the eneloop ambassadors’ tour Facebook page. At the finale event in Berlin they are worth up to 21,000 euros for Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz, an organisation that is dedicated to the conservation of threatened fauna and flora worldwide.

International brand ambassadors
For the eneloop ambassadors’ tour eneloop has chosen 24 new brand ambassadors from various corners of the world. Italy, Estonia, Poland, Mexico, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Venezuela are all represented in the race. The ambassadors travel between 240 and 935 kilometres per duo in Europe, depending on the degree of difficulty of their route and their means of transport. Six teams chose to travel by bicycle, four sporty duos are travelling on foot and one will travel by train. The first team left by sailing boat: “We’re delighted that we can participate in this project. We believe in eneloop’s green message and the brand promotes a sustainable lifestyle. So we’re really proud that we can bear their logo on our sails and that we can show it off in Tallinn and the other places where the race takes us.” Together the ambassadors will be travelling through Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy.

From 20 to 27 July the Estonian team HAN DUO will cycle 380 kilometres between Krakow and Budapest. They were preceded by the teams SAIL4SUSTAINABILITY, ASAPGUYS, LOST IN COMPASS and YOUNG FOLKS from Estonia, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia, respectively.

Sustainable brand story
The ambassadors will build upon the green brand experience for the rechargeable eneloop batteries both online and offline. The teams share their adventures on the Facebook page of the eneloop ambassadors’ tour and in the retail outlets where they are sold. The handover of the battery will be paired with a promotional campaign, which will also be announced on Facebook.

The eneloop ambassadors’ tour lasts from 22 June to 14 September 2018. The finale is organised on the campaign website, after which the grand prize and the donation will be awarded on 29 September in Berlin. The whole adventure is shared live on www.facebook.com/eneloopambassadorstour. Read more information on the participants and the various routes on eneloopambassadorstour.eu.

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