Ready, set, go! 3 teams compete in 2,100 km-hike for the green cause

Ready, set, go! 3 teams compete in 2,100 km-hike for the green cause

Panasonic Energy Europe has announced the 3 two-person teams who will be participating in the eneloop expedition 2100. As of 23 June, the teams from Poland (team red), Denmark (team purple) and the UK (team yellow) will be getting their feet wet to win the environmental organisation of their choice a prize of no less than 21,000 euros. Let the competition begin!

The eneloop expedition 2100 is a 120-day hike across Europe of approximately 2,100 kilometres, named after Panasonic’s environmentally-friendly eneloop batteries and the number of times they can be recharged. 3 sporty duos compete to raise money for a green cause of their choosing, as Panasonic Energy Europe is donating 21,000 euros to the winning team’s organisation and 2,100 euros to those of the runners-up. The goal of the expedition is to reach the finish line in Milan with as many points as possible, earned through a continuous social media battle, weekly challenges and fun tasks at 5 city stops (per team).

Each team is taking a different European walking route from their home country to reach Milan. Teams red, yellow and purple will be starting in Poznan (Poland), Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Copenhagen (Denmark) respectively – also the first city stops of the expedition. The walking routes as well as the city stops of each team have been mapped on the eneloop expedition website, enabling supporters to follow their favourite team across Europe and to actively help them in the city stop challenges.

Michał and Paweł, the two Polish friends from team red, will walk the distance for Amnesty International. This organisation reckons that the right for a clean environment is part of our collective human rights. The self-proclaimed travel brothers participate in the expedition following their motto: “Help others and then maybe they will be helping you one day”. Furthermore, they consider education to be the best weapon to fight poverty and help people become the best version of themselves.  

Team purple have a heart for sustainable design. The 20-year old identical twins from Denmark, Anders & Kasper, will be representing the Estonian ngo Sorex, short for the Student Society for Environmental Protection. By participating in the eneloop expedition 2100, Anders and Kasper hope to “send an ecological message and inspire others to do the same”.

Although Lithuanian lovers Romas & Simona from team yellow moved to the UK, they chose to support a charity in their homeland: Čepkeliai-Dzūkija National/PAN Park. The Lithuanian ngo works to protect the natural ecosystem of the Dainava Forest, where the two first met. The couple wants to help preserve our planet’s beauty for future generations: “Let us walk in harmony!”

Panasonic Energy Europe Managing Director Jörg Toboll cannot wait for the expedition to start: “I am confident the three teams have what it takes to successfully build a fan base and that they will respect the environment during the hike. Getting their fans to support them live at the city stops is what I believe to be the bigger challenge.” Official statements by eneloop (Panasonic) about the progress of the competition will be proceded by the hashtag #EE2100 for easy filtering on the eneloop expedition page.

The teams are equipped with eneloop batteries for bargaining, the necessary trekking gear, camping meals and a drone. The expedition sponsors are Columbia Sportswear (outdoor clothing), Nordisk (outdoor equipment), Xiro (small-sized drones) and Fairphone (environmentally responsible smartphones), T-mobile Austria (mobile phone plans), Sparkle (social media displays), Adventure Food (instant meals for outdoor activities), Husky (outdoor equipment), Panasonic (electronic appliances).


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